Pochettino: My Wife Is Jealous with Kane

Pochettino: My Wife Is Jealous with Kane

Tottenham Hotspur coach Mauricio Pochettino surprisingly confessed that his wife was jealous of his proximity to Harry Kane.

According to his wife, Pochettino’s attention to Kane is too much. That’s because he thinks like a pair of lovers.

But hearing that, Pochettino confesses that he can only laugh if his wife considers himself that way.

Pochettino had explained that he was happy with Kane’s performance that continues to improve this season.

In a wawacara, Pochettino said “I am astonished with my wife.”

“I did not expect him to think of anything like that. I do not think that makes sense. ”

“With my closeness to Kane, my wife became jealous.”

“This is Kane, while I myself am only the coach. And it’s natural that managers care about their children. “

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