Pekerman Praise the Quality of Duvan Zapata

Pekerman Praise the Quality of Duvan Zapata

Colombia national team manager, Jose Pekerman give praise to the performance of his child, Duvan Zapata

Pekerman thinks Zapata has proven his quality in the fight against Peru’s national team, Estadio Nacional de Lima.

On Wednesday morning in the continuation of the 2018 World Cup competition, Colombia was only able to score a 1-1 series from Peru.

Despite only reaching the draw, Pekerman considers Colombia has given the best and maximum performance. Not only that Pekerman also feel happy with the results of the Colombian series successfully advanced to 2018 World Cup playoff kebabak.

Pekerman has hope Zapata can perform better than ever in defending Colombia.

In an interview, Pekerman said, “I am happy with Zapata’s contribution.”

“Zapata is a great player. Despite not scoring goals, he was able to play well. And I also feel happy that Colombia can advance to the 2018 World Cup playoff round. “

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