Meunier: I’m Disappointed with Emery

Meunier: I’m Disappointed with Emery

Paris Saint-Germain defender Thomas Meunier said he was disappointed with coach Unai Emery after his position should be given to Dani Alves to strengthen defense of Les Parisien.

Since the presence of Alves in PSG, Meunier has only become a bench trimmer, which is rarely played in every game.

According to news circulating, Alves has quality and experience that exceed Meunier.

In an interview, Meunier said “I personally just want to keep playing in the game.”

“At least when facing Celtic or Bayern Munich. But coaches prefer Alves. ”

“I certainly want to play in the PSG core team. But somehow it’s hard. ”

“Nevertheless I myself will never give up. I want to continue to prove the quality to Emery. ”

“Although it is difficult and must compete with Alves, of course it will not prevent me in my career.”

And since joining PSG last season, Meunier has only been featured in 22 matches in all competitions.