Balinese Coach Prediction About Champions League 1 Team

Balinese Coach Prediction About Champions League 1 Team

Bali coach Widodo Cahyono Putro admitted he has done a number of calculations about the winner of League 1 2017. According to Widodo, since the beginning of the league started he has predicted who the champion in the first league after the suspension of FIFA.

However, Widodo reluctant to convey who will be perched in the top position at the end of the competition later.

“I will not talk about it, but I already have the calculations I have already predicted who will come out as a champion I will eventually say my estimate is true or not,” said Widodo when contacted by on Tuesday ( 19/9/2017).

On the other hand, many parties who predict one of the strong team won the trophy is Bali United. Imagine, Serdadu Tridatu now perched in the runner-up position, one point difference with the top standings Bhayangkara FC.

Despite the chance to become champion, Widodo did not want to think about it any further. He asked his foster children to stay focused on each game. He did not want the concentration of foster children dispersed just because staying digadang as champion.

“We still have to focus and concentrate in every game, focus on that alone,” said the former coach Persegres Gresik united it.

Meanwhile, Bali United brought 20 players when they travel to Persib headquarters this weekend. Interestingly, five players of whom are former penggawa Tim Maung Bandung.

They are Dias Anga, Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Taufiq, Marcos Flores, and Yandi Sofyan. Incidentally these players are now also a mainstay in Bali United.

At the first meeting, Bali United won 1-0 over Persib. At that time, goals also created from the former, Marcos Flores.

In addition to the five players above, Bali United also brought the best squad. Among them are Stefano Lilipaly, Irfan Bahcdim, and Fadil Sausu.

Indonesia Vs Fiji, Beware Stoke City Defender!

Indonesia Vs Fiji, Beware Stoke City Defender!

Indonesia national team must be wary of a number of foreign players owned by Fiji in a test match at the Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Saturday (09/02/2017) at 16.00 pm.

For the match, coach Christophe Gamel summoned 30 players, four of whom played overseas. Top top is Scott Wara who plays for U-18 Stoke City team, English Premier League club.

The 17-year-old defender has never recorded a defense against Stoke’s senior team. He only played for the U-18 team as much as 18 times and the U-23 team once.

In addition to Wara, three other players are Shravan Sharama, Krith Kumar and Roy Krishna. The last three names are graze in the Australian League.

The presence of Wara as a delegation of Fiji in the Premier League would be an achievement. In the past, Fiji is not a country seen in the world of football.

Fiji had met twice with Indonesia in the 1982 World Cup Qualification. The result, both teams drew 3-3 in Jakarta and 0-0 in Suva.

At that time, Fiji ended his work as a team caretaker with a collection of five points from eight matches. They recorded six goals and 35 conceded.

As for Indonesia perched in the third rank with a collection of six points.

Here is a list of Fijian players who play in the local league:

Laisenia Naioko (Ba), Remueru Tekiata (Ba), Saul Waqa (Ba), Manasa Nawakula (Ba), Narend Rao (Ba), Scott Wara (England), Jonetani Buksh (Labasa), Christopher Wasasala (Labasa), Kavaia Rawaqa (Lautoka), Dave Radrigai (Lautoka), Kolinio Sivoki (Lautoka), Osea Vakatalesau (Lautoka), Rupeni Rabici (Nadi), Waisake Tabucava (Nadi), Rusiate Matererega (Nadi), Sharma Shravan (New Zealand), Krith Kumar New Zealand), Ratu Sairusi Nalewadonu (Rakiraki), Simione Tamanisau (Rewa), Josateki Tamudu (Rewa), Misaele Draunibaka (Rewa), Madhwan Goundar (Rewa), Amani Valevalavou (Rewa), Samuela Kautoga (Rewa), Iosefo Verevou Rewa), Epeli Saukuru (Rewa), Waisake Ravuisaka (Dreketi), Setareki Hughes (Suva), Tevita Koroi (Suva), Roy Krishna (Wellington Phoenix)

Here is a list of Fijian players who play abroad:

Scott Wara (Stoke City), Krith Kumar (Franklin United), Sharma Shravan (Mangere United), Roy Krishna (Wellington Phoenix)

Saddil-Asnawi Should Focus with U-22 national team despite Registered to AFF Cup

Saddil-Asnawi Should Focus with U-22 national team despite Registered to AFF Cup

Two players who currently strengthen U-22 Indonesia national team, Saddil Ramdani and Asnawi Mangku Bahar, registered for AFF Cup U-18 in Myanmar. U-19 national team coach, Indra Sjafri, still asked the two players that focus first in the SEA Games 2017.

U-19 national team will melakoni AFF Cup match in September. A total of 36 players have been registered to follow the event even though only 23 players will be taken to Myanmar.

Saddil and Asnawi were registered. But they are currently strengthening U-22 national team besutan Luis Milla, which is likely to penetrate the semifinals of SEA Games in Malaysia.

“About Saddil and Asnawi they must have been registered to AFF,” Indra said after leading the team training at UNY Stadium, Tuesday (22/08/2017).

Indra claimed to have communicated with Saddil and Asnawi. He asks both but focuses on the task with the U-22 national team.

“Clearly I have their contacts to concentrate fully with the task at the SEA Games and provide the best,” he said.

Indra also admitted that the coaching team will still see the situation, whether they will be called back to appear in the AFF Cup. They will also have a first discussion with both players and the club, before being decided on 31 August.

“We will see the situation later when we are finished (SEA Games) we will think about it, I will discuss with him and the club, maybe the 31st is decided to be taken or not,” explained the former Bali United coach.

The Cause Arema Lately Lately

The Cause Arema Lately Lately

Team coach Arema FC back to extra hard to restore the strength of the team that had triumphed in the 2017 President Cup tournament ago Agen Togel Online. Because of the last few games that dilakoni in League 1 Indonesia, Singo Edan recorded very weak on the front lines.

More than a month since facing Persegres Gresik United, Arema never felt victory. From the existing statistics Joko Susilo care is only able to collect 16 goals from a total of 19 games that have been undertaken.

“The most obvious look we start facing Persegres, we are unable to make more than one goal, this big problem we have to solve let me not be dissolved in the rest of the existing match,” said Joko Susilo.

Ghetuk familiar greeting Arema coach is conveyed if the attack is done Gonzales cs is pretty good, only the final settlement is always always not able to bear fruit.

“It seems there is a problem with the execution of players, then from this in a few days the concentration of our exercise steeped in execution in front of goal,” he beber.

Meanwhile, in addition to polishing the front lines, this Cepu man is still struggling to find additional players, it looks there is still an empty slot for local players after the transfer market opened a few days ago.

“It’s not easy to find a player at the time like now, but I will keep trying until the transfer time is closed,” he added.

Vermans Bring 14 Players Futsal National Team players in the SEA Games 2017

Vermans Bring 14 Players Futsal National Team players in the SEA Games 2017

Timnas futsal son of Indonesia ready to combat in SEA Games 2017. Futsal Indonesia national team coach, Vic Hermans, will bring 14 players to fight gold medal in Kuala Lumpur.

Three senior players who did not get into the team are Bambang Bayu Saptaji, Sunny Rizky, and Randy Satria. As revealed by Vermans in his personal blog, the Dutchman wants to give some rest to some players who have been training too much since December 2016.

Vic Hermans proved his statement with the absence of the three senior players. The coach himself will not go to the 2017 SEA Games and just send his assistant, Yori van der Torren, to lead the team.

Vic Hermans admitted that he would only monitor the team from Lombok with players who did not go to Malaysia. The Dutchman wants to devote more attention to the players who remain in Lombok.

Likely Vic will still provide training programs to players who do not leave for the SEA Games. This is because Timnas Futsal Putra Indonesia also has a bigger target this year, the AFF Futsal 2017 Cup which will be held on 23 October to 3 November 2017.

Nevertheless, Vic still put the name of the talented young Indonesian flank, Ardiansyah Runtuboy. The young players who previously played in the AFF Futsal Cup 2016 and AFC Futsal 2017 Cup are still believed to assist Indonesian national team Futsal in Kuala Lumpur.

Yori van der Torren will lead Futsal Indonesia national team in SEA Games 2017 with two goalkeepers, three anchors, six flank players, and three pivot players. Here are the 14 national team players Futsal Indonesia for SEA Games 2017.

Men’s Futsal Team squad


Muhammad Albagir (BJL Shiba U-20)
Yusuf Kurniawan (Antam FC)


Tricahyo Ramadhan (Mataram FC / Vamos FC)
Andriansyah Agustin (East Star)
Rio Pangestu Putra (APK FC)


Ardiansyah Runtuboy (Black Steel)
Syauqi Saud (Mataram FC / Vamos FC)
Anton Cahyo Nugroho (BJL 2000 Shiba)
Andi Fardiansyah (Kamiada Pelindo IV)
Eko Sutrisno (Beautiful Gem)
Mochammad Iqbal Rahmatullah (Vamos FC)


Subhan Faidasa (Biangbola)
Johanis Mustamu (IPC Pelindo II)
Alexander Bernhard (Black Steel)

Suggestions Indra Thohir about New Coach Persib Bandung

Suggestions Indra Thohir about New Coach Persib Bandung

Facing the second round of League 1 2017, Persib management is busy looking for a new coach substitute Djadjang Nurdjaman.

In fact, sticking the name Milomir Seslija alias Milo as the strongest candidate.

Related to that, former coach Persib, Indra Thohir, less agree Persib seek new coach at this time. He considered the recruitment of a coach is not something urgent.

“New coaches need time to adapt, let alone foreign coaches who do not know the culture of Indonesian football and do not know much about Persib,” said Indra Thohir, Tuesday (1/8/2017).

Coach who had brought Persib into the championship competition and the League of Indonesia is said, there is the impression of management in a hurry to recruit coaches before the second round rolling.

If forced to have a new coach in a short time, he fears Persib did not get the right coach to handle Maung Bandung.

Thohir suggested that in this second round be continued alone by Herrie Setyawan.

Because, Herrie also never achieve good results and know exactly the condition of the team.

“Who knows exactly the problem Persib are those who are in the team,” he said.

“I am very optimistic Persib can rise as long as the team united, ranging from players, coaches, and the entire management from top to bottom,” he said.

Victory Tactics of Bhayangkara FC Victory over Persela Lamongan

Pelatih Bhayangkara FC Simon McMenemy (kanan) bersama Antoni Putro Nugroho, selepas pertandingan lawan Persela Lamongan, Senin (17/7/2017).

Victory Tactics of Bhayangkara FC Victory over Persela Lamongan

Bhayangkara FC coach Simon McMenemy open the key to a successful recipe about conquering his team at the stadium Surajaya Persela Lamongan, Lamongan, Monday (07/17/2017) night Tips Mengatasi Migran.

Bhayangkara successfully embarrass Persela FC in front of his supporters with the score 3-1 through a pair of goals and lesakan Furtuoso Thiago Paulo Sergio from a penalty. Goal replies Laskar Joko Tingkir team printed Samsul Arifin.

“The dominance of the midfield is one of the key Bhayangkara FC to win the match, not just the match but also before. That way, we will be able to create many scoring opportunities, “said Simon, in a press conference.

“We also became able to stop their attacks (Persela). We did counter attack two to three times and it worked. However, the most important is, do not waste the opportunity, “he said.

Not only the midfield dominance, Simon also said, the key to Bhayangkara’s success to conquer Persela is by scoring first.

“The key is to score first to keep their spirits down. So, if there is a chance, as much as possible to finish. That’s what I instruct the children, “he said

Simon was delighted that his team managed to record a victory over Persela in Lamongan, which is known haunted by the visitors. The achievement was used by Simon to dismiss the doubts of Bhayangkara supporters as his team went on the road away.

The achievement of the three points at the headquarters Persela also grateful Antoni Putro Nugroho who had played Simon became one starter in the game.

“I am very grateful, because not many teams are able to win at Persela cage before,” said Antoni.