Pekerman Praise the Quality of Duvan Zapata

Pekerman Praise the Quality of Duvan Zapata

Colombia national team manager, Jose Pekerman give praise to the performance of his child, Duvan Zapata

Pekerman thinks Zapata has proven his quality in the fight against Peru’s national team, Estadio Nacional de Lima.

On Wednesday morning in the continuation of the 2018 World Cup competition, Colombia was only able to score a 1-1 series from Peru.

Despite only reaching the draw, Pekerman considers Colombia has given the best and maximum performance. Not only that Pekerman also feel happy with the results of the Colombian series successfully advanced to 2018 World Cup playoff kebabak.

Pekerman has hope Zapata can perform better than ever in defending Colombia.

In an interview, Pekerman said, “I am happy with Zapata’s contribution.”

“Zapata is a great player. Despite not scoring goals, he was able to play well. And I also feel happy that Colombia can advance to the 2018 World Cup playoff round. “

Pochettino: My Wife Is Jealous with Kane

Pochettino: My Wife Is Jealous with Kane

Tottenham Hotspur coach Mauricio Pochettino surprisingly confessed that his wife was jealous of his proximity to Harry Kane.

According to his wife, Pochettino’s attention to Kane is too much. That’s because he thinks like a pair of lovers.

But hearing that, Pochettino confesses that he can only laugh if his wife considers himself that way.

Pochettino had explained that he was happy with Kane’s performance that continues to improve this season.

In a wawacara, Pochettino said “I am astonished with my wife.”

“I did not expect him to think of anything like that. I do not think that makes sense. ”

“With my closeness to Kane, my wife became jealous.”

“This is Kane, while I myself am only the coach. And it’s natural that managers care about their children. “

Meunier: I’m Disappointed with Emery

Meunier: I’m Disappointed with Emery

Paris Saint-Germain defender Thomas Meunier said he was disappointed with coach Unai Emery after his position should be given to Dani Alves to strengthen defense of Les Parisien.

Since the presence of Alves in PSG, Meunier has only become a bench trimmer, which is rarely played in every game.

According to news circulating, Alves has quality and experience that exceed Meunier.

In an interview, Meunier said “I personally just want to keep playing in the game.”

“At least when facing Celtic or Bayern Munich. But coaches prefer Alves. ”

“I certainly want to play in the PSG core team. But somehow it’s hard. ”

“Nevertheless I myself will never give up. I want to continue to prove the quality to Emery. ”

“Although it is difficult and must compete with Alves, of course it will not prevent me in my career.”

And since joining PSG last season, Meunier has only been featured in 22 matches in all competitions.

Cahill: Premier League Title Competition Very Strict

Cahill: Premier League Title Competition Very Strict

After a 1-0 defeat to Manchester City last weekend, Gary Cahill stated the competition this summer to win the Premier League trophy is really very strong.

Evident from seven matches that have been in the duo team of Manchester City both City and United remained ranked first and second and both only lost on goal difference.

Even so remains the Blues doorstop is asserted his team ready to bother both in December and January. However, the British national team retainer also admitted disappointed his team lost at home when host Pep Guardiola’s team at Stamford Bridge.

“They set quickly at the top of the standings, as is the case with Manchester United,” said Gary Cahill on the club’s official website.

“They both got very good results and scored many goals, but let’s see.

“We’re in December, so let’s show until Christmas and next January. Hopefully we are topping the standings and then we will see from there.

“We are experienced for this, but of course let us lose against Manchester City.”